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Bringing real joy into your life

All of us at Aero Safety Flight School simply love to fly. We love the fun. We love the serenity. We love the exhilaration. We love the freedom flying provides. That’s why we founded our flight school. Our mission is to share our enthusiasm and help each of our students experience the absolute wonder of flight. When you learn to fly at Aero Safety, you will receive the very best instruction from only the most skilled and dedicated instructors. Instructors dedicated to bringing real joy into your life.

Have you ever dreamed of learning to fly?

Have you imagined the fun, exhilaration and romance of flying an aircraft? Well, there’s never been a better time or place to start to live your dream. Whether you want to fly just for the fun, or for business, or as a career, Aero Safety Training’s Flight School will provide you with the very best flight training in New Jersey.

Aero’s State of the Art All Glass Fleet

We are proud of our modern all “glass-cockpit” fleet, well maintained by Lincoln Park Aviation, a Cessna Service Center based at Lincoln Park Airport. Large displays with aircraft instruments, radio communication and navigation, weather information, and traffic integrated offers great reliability and situational awareness, so pilots can spend more time looking out the window.

The First Redbird Simulator in New Jersey

The airplane is a terrific classroom, but you can learn and explore skills and procedures or maintain your current skills in our Redbird full-motion flight simulator. Our simulator allows you to consistently practice to become a safer and more proficient pilot. At the same time it helps you with these skills at a lower cost than that of a plane, without any schedule delays due to weather. Our Redbird full-motion simulator matches our fleet of all “glass-cockpit” aircraft and now it offers Live Air Traffic Control!

Get ready to take off!New Jersey Flight School, NJ

It doesn’t take long to discover just how much fun flying is and one of the best ways to find out that Aero Safety’s Flight School is for you, is to take a discovery flight. During your discovery flight you will take the controls and with the assistance of one of our instructor pilots you will taxi the plane out to the runway and then, you will take off. That’s right, you accelerate down the runway and actually take off with our instructor guiding you all the way. Check out our Discovery Flights and get ready to experience the thrill of flying now.

We invite you to visit our flight school

Aero Safety Training’s Flight School specializes in one-on-one training, tailored specifically for each client. We will elevate your knowledge well beyond the minimum required to earn a pilot certificate by giving you to the tools and in depth instruction to be an exceptionally safe and skilled pilot.

We encourage you to visit our pilot training center to meet our friendly and professional instructors, view our new and rigorously maintained aircraft, check out our Full Motion Flight Simulator, and appreciate just what a wonderful place Lincoln Park Airport will be for your flight instruction.

Flight training can be one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences you will ever have. It’s true that you will learn to master the skies, but it is also very possible you will discover new positive insights about yourself.

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