Your Dream, Our Mission

There has never been a better time or place to start to live your dream. Whether you want to fly just for the fun, or for business, or as a career, Aero Safety Training’s flight school will provide you with the very best flight lessons in the most advanced aircraft.

Why You’ll Love Flying with Us:

  • NJ / NYC Metro’s Friendliest Airport
  • Cessna Pilot Center
  • Safety of Modern G1000 Glass Cockpit Aircraft
  • Serving aviation community since 1993
  • Affordability with Full Motion Simulator Training
  • Easy Access from NJ / Manhattan

NJ/ NYC Metro’s Friendliest Airport

Enjoy the beautiful country setting of NY/NJ Metro’s only family friendly airport, Lincoln Park. Build your pilot skills and confidence on our small runway, then relax and chat with fellow pilots on the restaurant terrace.

Safety of Modern Glass Cockpit Aircraft

Our modern C172SP G1000 aircraft are all equipped with glass cockpits including traffic avoidance system and terrain awareness. It’s all about your safety and peace of mind for your loved ones. We are proud of our modern all “glass-cockpit” fleet, well maintained by Lincoln Park Aviation, a Cessna Service Center based at Lincoln Park Airport.

Professional Instruction since 1993

A 25 year history of quality instruction is no coincidence. Founder Linda Scully was New Jersey’s  first Master Flight Instructor and personally stands for quality and customer satisfaction at Aero Safety.

Affordability with ‘flat-rate’ Full Motion Redbird Simulator

We fully integrate the amazingly realistic Redbird FMX Full Motion Simulator with our flight training. The flat rate (yes, ‘all you can fly’) Redbird access will help you become a better pilot and earn your rating in a more affordable and faster way. Our Redbird full-motion flight simulator allows you to consistently practice to become a safer and more proficient pilot. At the same time it helps you with these skills at a lower cost than that of a plane, without any schedule delays due to weather. Our Redbird full-motion simulator matches our fleet of all “glass-cockpit” aircraft and now it offers realistic Live Air Traffic Control!

Cessna Pilot Center

Being a Cessna Pilot Center requires strict instructional and maintenance standards. In addition, your individual progress is recorded and audited through an advanced online course tracking system. You will always receive consistent service and know where you stand at all times during the learning process.

Easy Access from NJ / Bus from NYC

Get quick and easy access to Lincoln Park Airport from anywhere in New Jersey via Route 80. Come by car from New York City and we even have a direct bus connection from Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal (Bus 194).

Get ready to take off!

It doesn’t take long to discover just how much fun flying is. One of the best ways to find out that Aero Safety flight school is for you, is to take a discovery flight. Check out our Discovery Flights and get ready to experience the thrill of flying now!

Visit our flight school.  Aero Safety Training flight school specializes in one-on-one training, tailored specifically for each client. We will elevate your knowledge well beyond the minimum required to earn a pilot certificate by giving you to the tools and in depth instruction to be an exceptionally safe and skilled pilot.

We encourage you to visit our pilot training center to meet our friendly anCessna Pilot Center logod professional instructors. View our newer and rigorously maintained aircraft, check out our full-motion flight simulator. You’ll appreciate just what a wonderful place Lincoln Park Airport will be for your flight instruction.

Flight training can be one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences you will ever have. It’s true that you will learn to master the skies, but it is also very possible you will discover new positive insights about yourself.


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