Your Path to Private Pilot Certification

As with everything in life that is truly worthwhile, training to become a pilot requires a certain investment of time and money. Rest assured. We’ll walk you through the program. Step by step.

Take your first flight, the Discovery Flight. You and a trained instructor will take a  flight to familiarize you with the airplane, the airport and the general awe of taking the controls of a safe, reliable Cessna aircraft for the first time.

Start your flight training with the Cessna Flight Training System. Our interactive programs work hand in hand with your actual flight experience – allowing you to prepare for your next flight before you even take off.

Get your aviation medical certificate. This routine medical exam is a head-to-toe check of your general health. There are few health limitations to earning your pilot certificate. For specific questions regarding health and flying, contact us and we’ll recommend an aviation medical doctor.

Make your first solo flight. Once you’ve reached a certain point in the Cessna Flight Training System, and your instructor feels you are ready, you will take your first solo flight. Must be 16 years of age the day of the first solo.

Fine-tune your skills. During this time, you will gain experience as you expand upon everything you learned prior to your first solo flight, both with an instructor and on your own. Typically, you will end up flying between 40 and 70 hours, about half of which is solo.

Take your knowledge exam. Thanks to the Cessna Flight Training System, you’ve been learning as you go. Now you’ll put all this useful information into action. Aero Safety Training is a CATS Testing Center which offers you the convenience of taking your knowledge test at our facility.

Take your checkride. When your instructor decides you’re ready, you’ll meet with an FAA-designated examiner for an oral and flight exam. Your extensive flight and ground training will fully prepare you to ace your check ride and earn your pilot’s certificate. Must be at least 17 year of age the day of the checkride.

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