Aviation Special Programs

Aero Safety Training offers programs designed to satisfy almost everyone. Check our aviation events calendar or contact us for more information about any of the special programs described below.

Youth Programs

AeroCamp takes place in the summer and AeroSessions every first Saturday of the month. Programs are  designed to introduce young people to the excitement of flying and aviation.

School and Scout Tours

Aero Safety Training can bring aviation to your classroom or scout group meeting.  We also offer tours of the flight school, with an opportunity to see an airplane up close, sit in the cockpit, and fly in the full motion simulator, all under the guidance of a Certified Flight Instructor specially trained to work with young people.

Flying Companion Programs

These seminars make flying more enjoyable for the right seat companion (and for the pilot)! Also known as the Pinch-hitter program, the Flying Companion program is designed to help the non-pilot become more a part of the flying experience.  The course introduces the basics of aerodynamics, avionics, navigation, communication and basic attitude flying.  Non-pilots gain increased knowledge to help them confidently deal with an in-flight emergency.

Fearless Flyers

This program is geared towards the person who is an uncomfortable flyer.  You may be unable to board an airplane. Or you may simply be a white-knuckle flyer who needs courage to make it through the flight. Let us show you how to overcome your fears so you can see the world.

Continuing Ed for Pilots

We offer workshops and seminars on topics that range from human factors to how to enter a holding pattern.  Presentations cover weather, aircraft performance, navigation, regulations, aviation safety training and other relevant subjects.

Special Interest Guests

We stock a large collection of aviation books. We host readings, discussions and book signings by aviation authors. Topics interest both pilots and non-pilots.  Check our calendar for upcoming events.

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