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First Frost

Fall is here and dew points are dropping! Soon, we’ll see that all-too familiar sign that winter is just around the corner…early morning frost.

Frost on airplanes creates drag, adds weight and potentially changes the shape of aerodynamic surfaces. For these reasons, pilots must remove all frost prior to flight.

This is a fall and winter ritual in the northeast and is part of flying, part of the preflight. Aero Safety uses a non-toxic deicer to accomplish the task of removing frost. The process is quite simple…spray the deicer onto all surfaces (except for windows) and wait a few minutes. This will melt the frost and turn it into slush or melt it completely. Remove the slush or liquid with the Sno-Brüms (snow brushes which don’t scratch paint) by pulling or pushing away from control surface hinges. By doing this, slush or liquid doesn’t get into the control surfaces and potentially refreeze prior to, or during, flight. Any over-sprayed deicer which ends up on the windows should be removed immediately, using WypAlls. Prior to boarding, give the plane a visual and bare-hand test, checking carefully for any frost which may have been missed. Make sure all slush and liquid has been removed so there is no chance of refreezing.

Proper frost removal, along with a preheat, will set you up for a safe, fun fall or winter flight!

Be safe, have fun and keep learning!

Matt D’Angelo

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