Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator

Lower your training costs and become a more proficient pilot in our Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator

Why Simulator Training?

  • An aircraft is not the ultimate classroom. In flight your focus should be on conducting a safe, educational, and fun experience. An FAA approved simulator will allow you to bend the rules and demonstrate emergency procedures or situations that are impossible to practice in an actual aircraft.
  • While flying the simulator you and your instructors focus is 100% on giving you the maximum potential out of each lesson since the inherent risks of flying are diminished. The simulator is able to be paused at any time, allowing you to visualize situations better and practice muscle-memory procedures and sharpen your decision making.
  • Customize your flight training to meet your specific needs. Enthusiasts, new pilots, veteran pilots, rusty pilots, or even instrument pilots looking to sharpen their skills, it is truly a universal learning tool.
  • Eliminate the disadvantages of wear and tear on your aircraft. Permit yourself to make mistakes and face challenges in the simulator before attempting them in your own aircraft. Risking the simulator is much more preferable than you and your aircraft.
  • Bring your friend along with you! The Redbird FMX does not require and licenses, endorsements, or ratings to fly! A seat is available for a family member, friend, son or daughter, or a colleague!

Discovery Flight: Enthusiast

Experience flying without leaving the ground in our Redbird Full Motion Flight Simulator. Learn basic aircraft control and the basics of aircraft flight instruments. Practice turns, climbs, descents and emergencies near the airport of your choice – just about anywhere in the world! The Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator offers a cost-effective way to practice skills.

  • One hour of dual instruction in our Redbird Full-Motion FMX simulator.
  • Not dependent on weather, with great availability!

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