Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator

Lower your training costs and become a more proficient pilot in our Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator

Why Simulator Training?

Realistic practice will make you a much better pilot! Aero Safety’s Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator is a great way to sharpen your skills.

Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator

Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator



Try it out.

Experience flying without leaving the ground in our Redbird Full Motion Flight Simulator. Learn basic aircraft control and the basics of aircraft flight instruments. Practice turns, climbs, descents and emergencies near the airport of your choice – just about anywhere in the world! The Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator offers a cost-effective way to practice skills.


Redbird Enthusiast Lesson ($135)

Exciting New Offer: Introducing GIFT!

Redbird’s Guided Independent Flight Training for Private Pilot is a simulator-based maneuver training supplement designed to help you learn, practice, and get feedback on every maneuver required for your pilot certificate.

Each GIFT lesson focuses on a specific flight maneuver or skill required to earn a Private Pilot Certificate and includes:

  • A video and written pre-flight briefing
  • A simulator mission with an AI-powered flight instructor that provides real-time coaching and corrections on your performance
  • A post-flight debrief with objective scoring based on the FAA Airmen Certification Standards
  • In-depth post-flight review and trend tracking by uploading your lesson history to Redbird Landing


  • Introductory Flight
  • Straight and Level Flight
  • Changing Airspeed in Straight and Level Flight
  • Normal Turns
  • Normal Climb
  • Best Rate of Climb
  • Best Angle of Climb
  • Descent
  • Steep Turns
  • Taxi
  • Normal Takeoff
  • Crosswind Takeoff
  • Slow Flight
  • Rectangular Course
  • Turns Around a Point
  • S-Turns
  • Power Off (Landing) Stall
  • Power On (Takeoff) Stall
  • Basic Instrument Flight
  • Normal Landing
  • Crosswind Landing
  • Traffic Pattern Operations
  • Go Around
  • Rejected Takeoff
  • Emergency Approach and Landing
  • Short Field Takeoff
  • Short Field Landing
  • Soft Field Takeoff
  • Soft Field Landing
  • Lost Procedures
  • Instrument Climb, Descent, Turns to a Heading
  • Cross Country 1 (Short)
  • Cross Country 2 (Long)


  • Slow Flight
  • Steep Turns
  • Patterns A&B
  • Holds
  • VOR Approach
  • RNAV LNAV Approach
  • RNAV LNAV+VNAV Approach
  • RNAV LPV Approach
  • LOC Approach
  • ILS Approach

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