Redbird Simulator Live Air Traffic Control

Pilot Edge Comes to Aero’s Flight School

PilotEdge in Redbird at Aero Safety Training was recently featured on AOPA Live!

Our Redbird full-motion simulator has proved to be a valuable flight training aid for our flight school. Now, thanks to PilotEdge, we’re able to add realistic radio interaction, live air traffic control, and live traffic to your simulation sessions.

This allows you to build your radio skills and situational awareness in ways that simply haven’t been possible in a simulator up until now. In the past, that work could really only take place in an airplane.

The system also frees up your instructor, who is now free to focus exclusively on monitoring your performance, rather than also playing the role of ATC.

You can use the system under VFR or IFR at towered and non-towered airports. Work with clearance delivery, ground, tower, approach and even center facilities. You’ll be talking with real people over the radio, not computer-generated recordings or scripted interactions. Work with ATC just like you would in the real world, and learn to use them as a resource, rather than someone who should be feared.

Get over your mic fright, polish those comms and take your situational awareness to a whole new level!

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