AeroSession – June 3, 2023 10-11am

Special Guest Speaker Mark Lawson

Please join us for our AeroSession this Saturday at 10 am. Our special guest speaker is Captain Mark Lawson, C-17 Pilot assigned to the 6th Airlift Squadron, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey. Learn about becoming an Air Force Pilot and about the day in the life of an Air Force Pilot!

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AeroCamp 2023

AeroCamp 2023 is just around the corner, and we have an incredible line up of activities for the campers!  You definitely don’t want to miss out!

We enjoy sharing our passion for flight by giving youth an opportunity to be a part of the aviation community.  This summer, we invite young aviators to learn with us and experience all the joys of aviation.  There is so much to explore, so much to experience, and so much to love!  “The sky’s the limit!” 

This year, our certified flight instructors and aviation professionals will present various workshops such as aerodynamics, aircraft performance, aircraft airworthiness, pilot-in-command responsibilities, weather services, and navigation.  A highlight of the week will be a trip to the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame.

AeroCamp 2023 Enrollment Package

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NJ99s Spring Flyout Challenge 2022

Registration is now open!

Visit nj99s website to register and begin making your plans:

Prizes include:

Lightspeed Zulu 3 Headset – $850 value

iPad mini, 6th generation, 256GB, WiFi + Cellular with case – $825 value

GoPro HERO10 Camera with 128GB Memory Card + NFlightCam Cockpit Kit with prop filters, audio cable, mount, and case – total $740 value

Oculus Quest 2 VR, 256 GB, Elite Strap with Battery, Case – $528 value

ForeFlight Sentry ADS-B Receiver – $499 value 

Win the Decaerodrome Trophy and a chance to win a dual experience flight in a 1943 Boeing Stearman. Fly to all 10 airports to become eligible. 

Win the Spirit Award and $100 cash for the most engaging, creative, and inspirational flyout photo evidence, sponsored by AeroSafety Training. Last year’s winner is posted on our webpage Gallery.

Winners will be announced over Zoom and in person at Lincoln Park Aero Safety, on June 4, 2022 12:00 EST. Winners will be able to select their choice of prize as names are drawn! Must be present, either in person or on Zoom to receive a choice of prizes, otherwise remaining prizes will be assigned. Zoom Link will be emailed to all participants June 3rd. 

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On Saturday, April 23, starting at 9:00 AM, MAPA members and all persons interested in aviation are invited to a breakfast, simulator display and open-mic “hangar” discussion at the Museum. Admission is free for current MAPA members. Others are invited to join MAPA and the Museum for one annual payment of $40 that provides free admission to all MAPA events and the Museum for a full year ending June 30, 2023. There are so many great displays at the Museum, opportunities for pilots and aviation enthusiasts to serve as docents or help with aircraft restoration, all while enjoying the company of fellow MAPA members who share a love of aviation. Please join us on April 23. Meetup

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AeroSession is back!

May 7, 2022 at 10am we welcome back Scott Dittamo, Air Traffic Controller from Newark Tower

Scott is a 1998 graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Studies. He started his FAA career at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport in March of 2000. Scott transferred to Newark Tower in October of 2003 where he has been ever since. He recently achieved his Masters of Science Degree in Human Factors in December of 2021. Currently he is an Traffic Management Coordinator for Newark Tower. He has a private pilot license. Scott is a recipient of the Archie League Medal of Safety Award for extraordinary saves. He serves as the internship coordinator for Bergen County Community College and for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach Campus.

Click here to learn more about AeroSessions

Click here to register

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Congratulations Chris Balo!!!

Happy 16th birthday and congratulations on your FIRST SOLO!!! Chris set a goal of soloing an airplane on his 16th birthday and on February 5, 2021, he achieved his goal!Chris Balo First Solo

The skies opened up in the afternoon and his instructor, CFI Jacqueline Bunce stepped out of the airplane and Chris made three good landings as family stood on the ground and proudly watched.CFI Jacqueline Bunce congratulates Chris.

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Teterboro FAA Safety Team announces two upcoming webinars:

Monday, December 14th at 7:00pm EST

Winter Operations – From Preflight to ADM

Do you pre-flight your airplane in the winter the same way you pre-flight in the summer? We’ll kick off our discussion with cold weather pre-flight operations, followed by favorite hangar-flying topics: engine preheat, aircraft deicing, and engine management. We’ll demonstrate how to read NOTAMS that help us to understand if the taxiway and runway surfaces are contaminated, and learn useful techniques for taxiing in these conditions. And, we’ll take a dive into weather icing forecast products and learn how to make solid go / no-go decisions. We’ll tie all of this together by modeling an effective ADM methodology you can use on your next flight – when icing conditions might be a concern.

Speakers: Bob Miranda, Ron Reinartz, Julian Alarcon, Don Argintar

To register for this webinar:

Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00pm EST

Airspace – Keeping An Eye On Yourself

Do you know what airspace you’re in?
Navigating the National Airspace System and knowing what equipment you need can be a challenge. In the New York City area, every airspace designation is represented, including special use airspace. There’s a lot to know and it’s all important!

In this Airspace “Master Class”, we’ll go beyond the basics of the VFR sectional and take a deep dive into everything that makes a sectional “tick.” References to 14 CFR Part 91 and other FAA Publications will be provided.  We’ll learn how to avoid gotchas which could lead to an airspace incursion, or worse! A special emphasis will be placed on commonly misunderstood chart symbology, how to “use” advanced features of EFBs such as ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot to maximize situational awareness, and much more. This will be a fast-paced, interactive webinar presented by FAASTeam Lead Representative and EA25 Designed Pilot Examiner, Ryan Ferguson.

Speakers: Ryan Ferguson, Bob Miranda, Don Argintar

To register for this webinar:

Earn Wings Credit!
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From the Flight Deck – Winter Wx Challenges

Robert Thorson, FAASafety Team Manager at Teterboro shared this video from the Flight Deck. This video focuses on airport surface operations during winter weather. Failure to properly prepare for and execute appropriate cold weather airport operations has led to runway incursions, resulting in collisions with snow removal or maintenance operators, and serious runway excursion accidents.

In addition, visit the website and you’ll find an interesting video series:

FAA’s From the Flight Deck video series provides pilots with actual runway approach and airport taxiway footage captured with cockpit mounted cameras, combined with diagrams and visual graphics to clearly identify hot spots and other safety-sensitive items.

View the map for From the Flight Deck videos and links to location-specific safety information. New locations will be added to the map as videos become available.

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November’s GAJSC Safety Topic

Avoiding Controlled Flight Into Terrain | November/December 2020

The November/December 2020 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on mitigating one of the leading causes of general aviation accidents – controlled flight into terrain, or CFIT. Feature articles and departments explore the many CFIT-related resources and technological tools available to pilots, as well as numerous strategies, tips, and best practices that can help keep CFIT at bay.

The November/December 2020 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on mitigating one of the leading causes of general aviation accidents – controlled flight into terrain, or CFIT. Feature articles and departments explore the many CFIT-related resources and technological tools available to pilots, as well as numerous strategies, tips, and best practices that can help keep CFIT at bay.


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Register now for “Bust the Rust” FAA Wings Webinars offered in November

Don Argintar, Lead Representative with the Teterboro FAASTeam, will be presenting a “Bust the Rust” series of webinars in November. Topics include Aircraft Performance, Weight and Balance, and Engine Operation. Each of these webinars offer both Basic Wings and Advanced Wings credit. If you have not yet registered on, please visit and create a free on-line account. These webinars are presented via Zoom and you can register by clicking on the links below.

FAA Wings logo

*** Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00pm EST

Aircraft Performance: Always Having Enough Runway

Aircraft performance dynamically changes with weather, fuel burn, and pilot input. These changes affect runway required, time to climb, fuel burn, time en-route, etc. Learn how to quickly locate the performance information in your aircraft’s POH to plan a safe flight. An introduction to engine operation including how to choose power / RPM settings in a complex aircraft, proper leaning, pre-takeoff engine limitation briefing, and strategies for monitoring the health of your aircraft systems will be presented. In addition, we’ll highlight some rule-of-thumb calculations to help you cross-check your performance as your flight progresses, and discuss issues and limitations with popular electronic flight planning applications.

To register for this webinar:


*** Thursday, November 12th at 7:00pm EST

Weight and Balance: Keeping Your Weight in Check

Do you perform a weight-and-balance calculation before every flight? Our “Bust the Rust” series of webinars continues with a review of weight-and-balance terminology followed by a derivation of the formulas, practical use examples, and simple ways to integrate weight and balance calculations into preflight planning. We’ll be connecting a few dots between weight-and-balance and aerodynamics, aircraft stability and control, airworthiness, and maintenance. A special emphasis will be placed on operational differences between rental aircraft and owned aircraft.

To register for this webinar:


*** Tuesday, November 17th at 7:00pm EST

Engine Operation: Make TBO Easily

Do you really know how to operate your engine? Our “Bust the Rust” webinar series wraps up with a technical discussion of how an aircraft piston engine works, what the various components are, what your POH says about proper engine operation and what it means, leaning techniques, and engine instrumentation and interpretation.

To register for this webinar:

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