Introductory Flights

Fly From the Pilot’s Seat!

  • Viewing breathtaking scenery

  • Exploring parts and functions of the aircraft

  • Understanding and performing basic functions of the aircraft such as turns, climbs, descents, and level flight

  • Taking control of a glass panel Cessna 172SP Skyhawk

What Does it Include?

We offer three packages, choose your experience!

Discovery Flight – Explorer ($165)

  • 40 Minutes of ground instruction. Learn basic parts of the airplane, flight controls, aircraft communications, terminology and so much more you will be ready for your next lesson!

  • 20 Minutes of aircraft time. Take flight! Go flying! It’s your opportunity  to ride in the pilots seat of Cessna 172SP Skyhawk aircraft taking turns, climbing, descending, and staying level! Your instructor will assist you in taking off and landing to ensure safe flight.

Discovery Flight – Pioneer ($345)

  • 1 Hour of ground instruction. Learn basic terminology such as parts of the plane, communications, and airport basics but with added time for questions, and a more in depth experience. This expands upon everything you would learn in the explorer package.

  • 1 Hour of aircraft time. More time in the aircraft for an even greater experience. Preflights, Basic maneuvers, S-Turns, climbs, descents, level flight, multiple landings, and even the ability to fly over your own house if you are in proximity. The things you wish to experience during your lesson may be discussed with your instructor prior to make it as enjoyable as you can imagine.

Discovery Flight – Enthusiast ($149)

Wish to enjoy the feeling of flight without leaving the ground? Look no further!

  • 1 Hour Simulator experience incorporates an hour of ground time and an hour of simulator time all in one package. The state of the art Redbird FMX Full-Motion flight simulator is not your average desktop flight setup, It’s FAA approved to log portions of your hours in. It gets you as close as possible to actually flying! You will be given a regular flight lesson in the simulator as you would in an aircraft to give you a surreal feel for what flying is like.

All of this will guarantee and unforgettable experience that is just one reservation away.



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* Limited to one person per reservation.
**One passenger MAY be allowed on the flight for an additional $20, due to aircraft weight and balance limitations restrictions apply and passengers may be denied entry to the aircraft on the date of the flight.

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