Discovery Flights

The Very Best Way to Experience the Joy

             Join the elite few who have actually piloted an aircraft! After a briefing on aircraft controls, instrumentation and safety, you will take the controls and fly one of our airplanes from the pilot seat! Of course, one of our Certificated Flight Instructors will be with you for guidance and safety! During this introductory flight, you will explore basic aircraft control, including turns, climbs, descents and level flight. Enjoy the memory of your first flight with a photo.

What Does it Include?

Discovery Flight – Explorer ($195)

  • This fun introduction to flying is a one-hour experience that includes 30 minutes of pre and post-flight briefing, and 30 minutes in one of our beautiful aircraft! An FAA-certified flight instructor will be there to guide your flight and answer any questions you might have.

Purchase a Discovery Flight

Purchase a Discovery Flight Here as a Gift

Wish to enjoy the feeling of flight without leaving the ground? Experience flying in our Redbird full-motion flight simulator. 

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