It’s time to live your dream. Learn to fly with us.

Visit Aero Safety Training at Lincoln Park Airport, where you’ll find friendly professionals who are passionate about sharing the joy of flying while welcoming you to our aviation community.

Whether your goal is to get flying lessons in a simulator or a small airplane, enjoying a bird’s eye view of the New York City Skyline, or earning your private pilot certificate, we are dedicated to you having a wonderful experience while achieving your aviation goals.

We welcome aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots of all ages. Our flight school is equipped with the best training aircraft in the industry – the Cessna Skyhawk. Mature and knowledgeable instructors, a fleet of well-maintained 21st century aircraft, state of the art full-motion flight simulator and proven curriculum are the best the industry has to offer.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or stop by our airport where you can visit our flight school, watch airplanes takeoff and land, or enjoy lunch at the Sunset Pub and Grill.

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