Flight Simulator Training

Advanced Full-Motion Flight Simulator Training

Why Simulator Training?

Realistic practice will make you a much better pilot and it can be used for up to 5.25 Hours towards the Private Pilot Certificate, 20 Hours Towards the Instrument Rating, 50 Hours Towards the Commercial Pilot Certificate and 25 Hours Towards the ATP. Aero Safety’s Full Motion G1000 Flight Simulator is available per hour or monthly flatrate subscription usage.



Flatrate Simulator Membership ($129/Month)

Try it out.

Experience the training experience of flying without leaving the ground in our Redbird Full Motion Aviation Simulator. Learn basic aircraft control and the basics of aircraft flight instruments. Practice turns, climbs, descents and emergencies near the airport of your choice – just about anywhere in the world! The Redbird Flight Simulator offers a cost-effective way to work on your currency and improve your training.

Redbird Simulator Trial Lesson ($129)

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