Learn to Fly! Take your 1st Lesson!

Is it finally time to live your dream of learning to fly?

Discovery Flight photoTake the first step on your journey to be a pilot with Aero Safety Flight School 1st Lesson. You will taxi the aircraft to the runway and then, with the help of your instructor, actually take off at the controls. There is no better way to discover if flying is for you.

The Very Best Way To Experience The Joy

Join the elite few who have actually piloted an aircraft! After a short briefing on aircraft controls, instrumentation and safety, you will take the controls and fly one of our Cessna airplanes from the pilot seat! Of course, one of our Certificated Flight Instructors will be with you for guidance and safety!

During this introductory flight, you will explore basic aircraft control, including turns, climbs, descents and level flight. Enjoy the memory of your first lesson with a photograph and your very own pilot logbook.

Includes one hour flight in a G1000 equipped Skyhawk and two hours instructor time.
Price $249. Value $345. Save $96!

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