Bravehearts and Chickenhearts: Reality Cross Country Flying from an Old and Not Bold Pilot!

Topic: Cross Country Flying and Managing the Risks and Hazards.

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 , starting at 7:00 pm

Speaker(s): Tim McSwain


Tim McSwain, esq Chief Claims Officer for Allianz Aviation Managers, LLC. will give an insight into properly preflighting for a cross country trip and managing the changing hazards during the flight. By using risk management and years of accumulated experience he will demonstrate better ways for you to plan a flight.

Tim has been a Certified Flight Instructor, aircraft salesman, banner tow pilot, corporate flight department manager, designated examiner and currently is the Chief Claims Officer for Allianz Aviation Managers, LLC in New York City.

Over the years Tim has owned several aircraft recently transitioning from a Centurion to a tail wheel aircraft. He is still an active CFI and provides a vast perspective of safe flying through his broad experience.

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