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Don Argintar, Lead Representative with the Teterboro FAASTeam, will be presenting a “Bust the Rust” series of webinars in November. Topics include Aircraft Performance, Weight and Balance, and Engine Operation. Each of these webinars offer both Basic Wings and Advanced Wings credit. If you have not yet registered on, please visit and create a free on-line account. These webinars are presented via Zoom and you can register by clicking on the links below.

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*** Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00pm EST

Aircraft Performance: Always Having Enough Runway

Aircraft performance dynamically changes with weather, fuel burn, and pilot input. These changes affect runway required, time to climb, fuel burn, time en-route, etc. Learn how to quickly locate the performance information in your aircraft’s POH to plan a safe flight. An introduction to engine operation including how to choose power / RPM settings in a complex aircraft, proper leaning, pre-takeoff engine limitation briefing, and strategies for monitoring the health of your aircraft systems will be presented. In addition, we’ll highlight some rule-of-thumb calculations to help you cross-check your performance as your flight progresses, and discuss issues and limitations with popular electronic flight planning applications.

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*** Thursday, November 12th at 7:00pm EST

Weight and Balance: Keeping Your Weight in Check

Do you perform a weight-and-balance calculation before every flight? Our “Bust the Rust” series of webinars continues with a review of weight-and-balance terminology followed by a derivation of the formulas, practical use examples, and simple ways to integrate weight and balance calculations into preflight planning. We’ll be connecting a few dots between weight-and-balance and aerodynamics, aircraft stability and control, airworthiness, and maintenance. A special emphasis will be placed on operational differences between rental aircraft and owned aircraft.

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*** Tuesday, November 17th at 7:00pm EST

Engine Operation: Make TBO Easily

Do you really know how to operate your engine? Our “Bust the Rust” webinar series wraps up with a technical discussion of how an aircraft piston engine works, what the various components are, what your POH says about proper engine operation and what it means, leaning techniques, and engine instrumentation and interpretation.

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