107th Anniversary of Flight on December 17th

Wright Brothers December 17, 2003

On the morning of 17 December, 1903, the Wright Brothers achieved controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air flight for the first time in history. Orville’s first flight in the Wright Flyer was about 12 seconds and he traveled 120 feet. Thanks to the imagination, ambition and determination of the Wright Brothers, aviation was born, 107 years ago today.

If you can’t get out and fly today, please help celebrate by learning more about the Wright Brothers and other pioneers in aviation. Here are three of our favorite film clips of the aviation pioneers. Enjoy!

Thanks to the Wright Brothers and other aviation pioneers, and thanks to those who dream of flight, such as you, aviation continues to take us to incredible heights! Here is one example of what’s on – and beyond – the horizon. It will be incredible to see where aviation will be when we celebrate the next anniversary of flight! Be a part of it!

From all of us at Aero Safety Training,

Have a great day!

The Aero Safety Training Team

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